As Twitchy reported earlier, those photos Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted of her visit to the border, which doubters called “so clearly contrived and staged that it’s physically painful to look at them,” were beginning to get the meme treatment, but we need to give special mention to Carpe Donktum’s submission, entitled “Sad AOC at a Trump Rally.”

Our only hope is that he posts the cutout of Ocasio-Cortez so everyone can pose her, as they’ve done with that photo of Joe Biden leaning in to invade someone’s personal space.

Coming tomorrow to Snopes: “Did Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really attend a Trump campaign rally?”

She’s sad because she didn’t get there early enough to score good seats.

Some do Joe Biden sniffing her hair so we can add it in an update.

* * *


We asked for it, we got it, and it’s perfect: