Senator Feinstein said she delivered a letter to federal investigators about an accusation made against Brett Kavanaugh when he was in high school. Here’s what the Guardian reported about the allegation in the letter:

A source who said they were briefed on the contents of the letter said it described an incident involving Kavanaugh and a woman that took place when both were 17 years old and at a party. According to the source, Kavanaugh and a male friend had locked her in a room against her will, making her feel threatened, but she was able to get out of the room. The Guardian has not verified the apparent claims in the letter. It is not yet clear who wrote it.

After Feinstein referred the letter to federal investigators, the Senate Republicans released a letter of their own:

ThinkProgress couldn’t help but take it in the most ThinkProgress-style direction ever:

Gee, it’s almost like they want everybody to believe not only that the accusation is true, but that it’s a lot worse than the behavior that was reportedly alleged in the Feinstein letter.

Oh they’ll get to that later! For now the Left has another shameless talking point to push.

Narrator: They had no intention of stopping.

One thing’s for sure, and that’s that Brett Kavanaugh is living rent-free in ThinkProgress’ leftist heads.