Parkland survivor and anti-NRA gun control activist David Hogg helped organize a protest of Publix supermarkets, which resulted in the grocery chain quickly caving in. During a “die-in” at a Publix, Hogg saw something that troubled him:

Proof of “America’s indifference to gun violence”? YOU be the judge:

Maybe there’s a simpler way to explain what’s really going on in that picture other than “indifference to gun violence”:

But we’re intrigued by “literal symbolism.”

Good luck with the “if you don’t stop shopping because there are people lying on the floor you’re complicit in mass murder” approach.



Kyle Kashuv CALLS OUT local media for this SHAMELESS pimping of David Hogg’s Publix ‘die-in’ [pics]

‘BAHAHAHAHHA’! Is David Hogg SERIOUS with this plan to combat ‘hate and misinformation’?

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