As Twitchy told you yesterday, on “The View,” Joy Behar read with glee the original reporting from ABC News’ Brian Ross that Michael Flynn was told to contact Russia when Donald Trump was still a candidate for president. ABC News later issued what they called a “clarification” to say that actually happened when Trump was president-elect, which of course changes everything (it’s impossible to collude with Russia to win an election after the election).

Kellyanne Conway noticed this morning that at that time the “fake news” tweet from “The View” was still published and they were still helping spread a bogus story. The @TheView tweet was deleted shortly after Conway’s criticism:

Not long after Conway’s tweet, it disappeared.

The tweet was up for HOURS with thousands of retweets before being deleted, and @TheView then retweeted ABC News’ correction to the story.

Joy Behar’s tweet celebrating what we now know was bogus information remains:

If you missed the clip of Behar celebrating the completely inaccurate Brian Ross report, here it is:

No, that did not age well at all.

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