Earlier today, a video of Joy Behar reading the now-corrected report from ABC News and Brian Ross on “candidate” Trump went viral as giddy libs cheered on “The View” co-host’s giddy reaction to the “breaking news” report:

Behar retweeted the clip to her nearly 900,000 followers twice…

…as well as this GIF with the caption, “Christmas came early. Thank you, Santa!”

But as we told you earlier, ABC News corrected the report, which relied on a single source:

Well, now that ABC News has clarified, Behar and The View should correct the record, too:

As for Brian Ross, his only acknowledgment of the screwup was a retweet of the ABC News correction, which the network called a “clarification” (which is BS):

Jay Rosen agrees:

What a joke.



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