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It’s Complicated: Could Reporters Have Done a Better Job Covering Biden’s Mental Acuity?

AP Photo/Ron Harris

As Doug Powers reported earlier Wednesday, CNN has decided where to place the blame for the media's sudden attention to President Joe Biden's failing mental acuity. It's the conservatives' fault, you see. "Biden's age was also a right-wing talking point for years, something the White House was quick to point out to reporters," CNN explained, "which may have inadvertently turned off any serious investigation." In other words, the fact that it was conservative media pointing out Biden's mental issues "turned off" reporters from covering it, just like NPR refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story.


And then there's this:

We all know what the White House press corps thinks its job is — they're pretty obvious about it.

Yes, Hunter Biden is now reportedly attending meetings with the president's aides. We thought the Left's big excuse for Hunter was that we weren't voting for him. Now he's sitting in on White House meetings.

CNN's Hadas Gold, who wrote the piece for CNN, says it's "complicated" why White House reporters didn't think of covering Biden's mental state earlier:


It's not complicated. Just two weeks ago you were telling us that videos of Biden looking old and feeble were "cheap fakes."


It's not complicated. During Donald Trump's term, CNN's Brian Stelter had as a regular guest on his show crackpot psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee, who suggested that Trump be restrained and put on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, with the only problem being that "this really will look like a coup." That's how CNN covered Trump's mental acuity.


It's that simple … it's not complicated at all.



Even former CNN employee Brian Stelter is getting in on the navel-gazing with a piece for Vox:

Again, it's "complicated."



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