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Border Patrol Memo Informs Agents to Release Single Adults From All but Six Countries

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Last week, Fox News' Bill Melugin reported that President Joe Biden's "tough" executive order limiting amnesty cases to 2,500 illegal immigrants a day was having "zero impact here at the border," where he and his crew witnessed mass illegal crossings. It was business as usual. 


On Sunday, Melugin obtained an internal Border Patrol memo instructing agents to release single adults from all but six countries in the Eastern Hemisphere:

 … classifying them as “hard” or “very hard” to remove. 

Specifically, the memo instructs agents to process all single adults from 100+ countries in the eastern hemisphere as NTA/OR, which means “Notice to Appear/Release on Own Recognizance”, except for six countries which are deemed “mandatory referral” countries (Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan).

President Biden & DHS promised consequences & removal for those who cross illegally between ports of entry after the executive order took effect - but the overwhelming majority of illegal crossers in San Diego sector, including the Chinese, Middle Eastern, & African adults we’ve been showing, are still being released into the U.S. with future court dates, as our coverage has shown repeatedly with Border Patrol mass releases at a trolley station in San Diego. 

In a background call with reporters, DHS officials acknowledged the difficulty of removing illegal immigrants from eastern hemisphere countries, as some governments won’t cooperate with U.S. repatriation flights/travel documents & won’t take their citizens back.

DHS officials said they are engaged with these countries and are trying to enhance cooperation.

Bottom line in the short term: Mass catch & release continues for illegal immigrants in San Diego sector, who continue pouring in from all around the globe. 

H/T to @Anna_Giaritelli, who was the first reporter to scoop this memo.


Bottom line: mass catch and release continues. So practically every single adult is released on their own recognizance and expected to show up at a court date that could be years into the future.

Funny how Biden suddenly decided he didn't need authority from Congress to issue an executive order securing the border.

Here's Fox News' coverage of the memo:


How about the illegal immigrant who told Fox News, "I love Biden." That reminds us of that mass of illegal immigrants at the border all wearing matching T-shirts with the Biden logo reading, "Biden, let us in." Some NGO must have been passing those out. It turns out they didn't need the T-shirts.

Melugin reports that this memo was "localized guidance put out to the San Diego sector only because of the unique countries around the world they encounter there."

The CBP officials said even if these migrants are released into the US, they still are not eligible for asylum and cannot request it. They also pointed out that while, yes, San Diego sector is encountering large numbers from the eastern hemisphere who are being released with a court date because their home countries won’t cooperate with deportations (China, for example) two thirds of the encounters in San Diego sector are from easy to remove Western Hemisphere countries, large numbers of which are being placed into expedited removal, including Colombia and Ecuador, and thousands from these western hemisphere countries have already been removed or returned since the order went into effect. The CBP officials added that they’ve been “clear eyed” about the fact that it will take time to ramp up implementation of this executive order, and they will continue to engage with uncooperative countries to start taking their citizens back.


So it will take some time to "ramp up" Biden's executive order capping asylum claims. 

This follows an ICE memo making it easy for illegal immigrants to claim asylum through a claim of "credible fear," which may be expressed non-verbally, such as "hysteria, trembling, shaking, unusual behavior, changes in tone of voice, incoherent speech patterns, panic attacks, or an unusual level of silence."

So this executive order does what now?

And it's nice that someone acknowledged that these illegal immigrants are flying to Mexico from all over the world and being dropped off at the border. They all look to be well-dressed and in pretty good health. Meanwhile, Biden panders to Latinos.

But non-citizens aren't eligible to vote, the Biden campaign keeps telling us, while opposing Republican legislation that would make it illegal for a non-citizen to vote.


According to the New York Post, some of these "asylum-seekers" have court dates set as late as 2032 and 2035 in Chicago and Florida. So they're released on their own recognizance with the assurance that they'll show up for a court date in 2035.

As Melugin reported from the San Diego sector, he's witnessed "zero effect." They just keep pouring in and are released into the country.



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