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Biden Campaign Tries to Revive the 'Bloodbath' Hoax


President Joe Biden claims he decided to run for president after hearing Donald Trump call neo-Nazis "very fine people." That's a hoax; video shows Trump explicitly condemning them. The "very fine people" were on both sides of the argument about whether or not to tear down Confederate statues.


The Biden campaign put out a new ad that touts Biden's accomplishments … just kidding. It revives the claim that Trump told Americans to drink bleach (usually they say "inject") as well as the claim that Trump tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo-op … something that we debunked earlier this week. Isn't it crazy that a pathological liar would rely on lies for his campaign?

As we reported earlier, the Biden campaign warned that Trump would prosecute and jail his political opponents if re-elected:

Biden-Harris HQ, the official rapid response page of the Biden-Harris campaign that offers "Just the facts, Jack," pounced on Axios' article about Trump jailing his opponents, in the meantime trying to revive the "bloodbath hoax" that dominated the news cycle for a week.


Yes, he did warn of a bloodbath … in the auto industry. Funny they edited out that part of the clip.


As someone said above, our fear is that Trump will be re-elected and NOT start prosecuting the guilty and throwing them in jail.



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