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NBC News: Russell Brand 'attacks' the British government

Matt Sayles

The "believe all women" (except Tara Reade) movement is back in action now that Russell Brand has been accused of sexual assault. We don't know if he's guilty or not, and we might not ever know, seeing as he hasn't been charged with anything so that a jury could decide. YouTube decided that, based on the accusations, it would stop allowing Brand to monetize his videos. Competitor Rumble stood firm, though, even after receiving a scolding from the U.K. Parliament


NBC News is finally on the story and reports that Brand "attacked" the British government.

Here's the attack, as reported by Larissa Gao:

NBC News has not spoken to any of the accusers nor independently confirmed any of the allegations against Brand. 

Aside from thanking his supporters, his second video focused mostly on criticism of the British government, which he said had “asked big tech platforms to censor our online content, and some online platforms have complied with that request. 

“What you may not know is that this happens in the context of the online safety bill, which is a piece of U.K. legislation that grants sweeping surveillance and censorship powers, and it’s a law that has already been passed,” he added.

The British government did ask big tech platforms to censor him, which is pretty unbelievable, but the U.K. and free speech aren't getting along lately.

To us, it sounds like Brand is criticizing the online safety bill, not "attacking the British government." They make it sound like he's rushing Parliament with a musket.


You might say that the British government was attacking Brand, or at least his freedom of speech.

We've reported twice now on British police arresting people for praying silently across the street from abortion clinics. No signs, no bullhorns, no blocking the doors … praying, silently.


Let's review. Parliament actually sent letters to the CEOs of YouTube and Rumble trying to get Brand silenced. Parliament.

The U.K. government tries to get Brand de-platformed over sexual assault allegations, and Brand is the one who's "attacking"? We guess it's all a matter of perspective, and we know where NBC News stands.


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