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Karine Jean-Pierre won't call flights of illegal immigrants to California 'kidnapping'

The Left was pretty excited Monday. As you know, their top priority is taking out Gov. Ron DeSantis, even more so now that he’s announced his candidacy. So the walls were really closing in when Gov. Gavin Newsom called flights of illegal immigrants to the sanctuary city of Sacramento, California “kidnapping” and even posted a clip of the state’s criminal code defining the term. Allegedly serious legal minds like Laurence Tribe agreed, saying DeSantis’ silence on the charge was both deafening and damning.


Fortunately, DeSantis kept receipts, including video of migrants signing consent forms:

On Wednesday, a reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre if the White House considered those flights to California illegal imprisonment or kidnapping, and not even the White House was going to take it that far:

How are they dangerous? And isn’t the political stunt making a big noise out of declaring yourself a sanctuary city when you’re nowhere near the border?


The Obama administration flew illegal immigrants all over the country, getting them taxis to the airport and buying their tickets.

There are “secret” flights all the time getting illegal immigrants to their intended destination. They get to decide where they want to be relocated, and not surprisingly, a lot of them are choosing big blue cities that welcomed migrants and promised them housing and jobs.



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