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Here's The Onion's hilarious take on Target's Pride displays

I literally am old enough to remember when The Onion was funny — I’m even old enough to remember when “Saturday Night Live” was funny. But wokeness is a poison that destroys everything it touches, and The Onion just keeps misfiring. It posted a made-up “exclusive interview” with J.K. Rowling. It “interviewed” conservative politicians about why they oppose “life-saving” gender-affirming treatments. It ran a joke about Goofy murdering Gov. Ron DeSantis. It’s just terrible and lazy … their only approach is to set up straw men and then knock them down.

Normally we do posts on tweets that have gone (or should go) viral, but I wanted to feature this one because The Onion has 11.7 million followers, and its latest dose of hilarity currently has racked up 10 retweets.

OK, hit us with comedy gold. Sorry, never mind. We thought there was an article, but it’s the straw man thing again, where they make up quotes and stick them under stock photos.

“I just go into a blind rage anytime my cock gets hard.”

“Socks are gay enough as it is.”

“They’re blocking all of the bare metal shelves that I come to Target to behold.”

“There shouldn’t be any blatant political agendas featured on my discount-store shirts except the military.”

Somebody, somewhere, is getting paid for this. Maybe the real writers are on strike.

The Onion could go outside and ask a real conservative about Target, and why no one cared about their Pride merchandise designed by a Satanist until they saw the “tuck-friendly” swimwear for kids of all gender expressions. Is it really so impossible to leave the kids out of it?

I ducked into Target the other day (sorry) and they had a tiny little Pride display set up. I didn’t fly into a rage and threaten violence against the employees. As I tweeted earlier, I just find it ridiculous that Target even has Pride-themed cat toys for Pride Month.

Who is so gay that they need rainbows on their cat toys to express their sexual orientation?

How is The Onion even still around with that kind of engagement?




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