Francis Weetman posted screenshots of The Onion’s “exclusive interview” with author J.K. Rowling so that people could read it without The Onion getting the clicks. We clicked to ensure it was real — sadly, it is — but The Onion has put it in a bizarre “slideshow” format so that you have to load a new page to read each question. That’s a pretty desperate bid for traffic.

A lot of people say The Onion, like “Saturday Night Live,” used to be funny, and it was … but this is painfully unfunny. An excerpt:

Would you tell us about a time that you were personally victimized by a trans person?

Yes, I remember like it was yesterday; you see, I was advocating for their total annihilation and then a few of them said some mean words to me on the internet.

Why are you such a huge f**king hateful dork?

I prefer the term ‘fantastical bigot.’

Do you have any words of encouragement for aspiring transphobes?

Find the time in your day to practice transphobia every day, even if it’s for only 15 minutes.


Good point … think of it as a satire of the unhinged activists who believe Rowling is transphobic. Then it works.

This is really weak. And the thing is, Rowling has a great wit, as she’s proved time and time again when smeared on Twitter. Rowling could have written a better satirical interview of herself.


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