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Left-wing Breakfast Club has a warning for those making fun of DeSantis' Twitter campaign launch

Even if you think you’re not familiar with The Breakfast Club, you are. It’s the radio show on which candidate Joe Biden said in 2020, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Biden’s campaign did a lot of backpedaling on that one, even suggesting that host Charlamagne tha God was “being a wise guy” and was at fault.


As Twitchy reported, Ron DeSantis had some glitches early on in his campaign announcement on Twitter Spaces, with liberals and NeverTrumpers delighting in DeSantis “melting Twitter’s servers.”

Twitter quickly scaled up to meet the demand (Dana Loesch took a screenshot showing 623,000 signed on and waiting for the announcement), and DeSantis did an hour-long Q&A session that covered a lot of topics.

The Breakfast Club is certainly no conservative outlet, and they’re calling out the ones clowning on DeSantis for choosing Twitter to launch his campaign.

Biden did and then spent a week cleaning up the mess. “You ain’t black.”



DeSantis certainly showed a grasp of the issues in his Q&A … he’s definitely thinking on a national level. Probably no one on The Breakfast Club will vote for DeSantis, but they know enough to take him seriously and not laugh off his campaign launch as a “glitch.”


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