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Texas Monthly: Transgender woman in Texas starts carrying a gun

Gun control groups like Everytown, which are composed of Democrats, are currently freaking out over House Republicans in Florida passing permitless carry.


So this is a pickle: We’ve learned from trans activists that the “legislative assault” on trans people is genocide and will kill people. Citizens have told Republican lawmakers that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants trans people dead and that they’re committing genocide with their legislation. So what happens when a trans woman buys a gun to defend herself? Texas Monthy looks into it.

Peter Holley writes:

Since she returned to civilian life nearly a decade ago in Killeen, the Central Texas town adjacent to the Fort Hood Army base, those skills have mostly lain dormant. Recently, however, Josephine, who began identifying as a transgender woman after leaving the military, has begun to feel that she’s back on the battlefield. Like many other queer Texans, she has read with mounting concern about rising rates of violence and intimidation against transgender Americans. (She asked for her last name to be concealed for fear of being harassed.) Lately, when she stops at a red light, pulls into a gas station, or enters a Walmart, she anxiously scans her surroundings for symbols she associates with American extremism: Confederate flags, Back the Blue bumper stickers, Punisher decals on jacked-up trucks.


“… symbols she associates with American extremism.” Like the New York Times’ Mara Gay and American flags.

So Republicans are pushing genocidal legislation but also protecting the right to arm yourself. What a conundrum.

The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak recently took a look at the FBI’s database of crimes against transgender people in 2021:

Texas Monthly says hate crimes are rising — we wonder how many there were in 2022?

So, yeah, buying a gun.



Yep. You don’t need a gun, but this trans woman does.


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