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Ron Klain really proud that the government built a website that didn't crash

When we think of administrations, particularly Democratic administrations, and websites, our thoughts go to the disastrous rollout of the Obamacare portal, which clearly wasn’t ready for prime time — Juan Williams claimed it was the GOP’s “massive opposition” to Obamacare that crashed the site.


So how is that this many years later the Biden administration had a portal to apply for student loan cancellation up and taking applications within a couple of months? Of course, the site is no longer accepting applications as a judge and an appeals court found the plan unconstitutional.

Ron Klain is dunking on Ticketmaster, a private business, whose website crashed today while trying to handle the massive demand for tickets to Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour.

Slow clap.

Good for you!


Yeah, how’s Secretary Pete doing fixing those racist overpasses?


We haven’t been to the website but apparently, it’s just a Google form you fill out. And they probably outsourced it to a private business anyway.

Klain is a master at taking victory laps where there are none.


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