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Saira Rao says that seeing the American flag makes her want to vomit

More and more media outlets have been suggesting that the “far-right” has taken over the American flag … especially if it’s being flown from a pickup truck. A senior writer for The Root said that “anyone who flies an American flag on a pickup truck is a whole different breed of white people.” Charlotte Clymer mused that people who “hoist giant a** American flags on their car” are probably racist. The New York Times tweeted that flying the American flag from a pickup truck gives a pretty good idea of that person’s politics.


This all came after New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay related how “just disturbing” the dozens of American flags she saw on Long Island one weekend were.

We check in with Saira Rao now and then … the last we checked in, she was telling white people not to send her private messages of support, because “private support is violent.” We never quite know what to call Rao, but we guess she’s an author, and she’s co-authored a book called “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better” that’s due out this fall.

Maybe with the book proceeds, she can finally afford a plane ticket out of here:



We can’t believe a publisher saw these tweets and thought, let’s give her a contract — she seems like a deep thinker.


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