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The latest reporting from the New York Times says 19 police officers staged outside the classroom where the Uvalde school shooter had barricaded himself in, and 78 minutes elapsed before they entered. As Twitchy reported, David Frum has said it’s the wrong approach to say that the police were cowardly; the gunman was just “too difficult and dangerous for a typical local police force to handle.” Frum also believes this discredits the “good guy with a gun” fantasy.


It seems we’re not blaming the police because they were clearly outgunned. MSNBC columnist Katelyn Burns says the AR-15 should be banned if it’s so dangerous that a squad of police is too afraid to confront a shooter holding one.

President Biden reminded all of those gun nuts last summer that they’d need F-15s and some nukes if they had any plans on taking on the U.S. government — an extension of Rep. Eric Swalwell’s warning that the government has “legit” nukes, and it would be a short war.

So, once the AR-15 is banned, who’s going to confiscate all of them if the police are too afraid?


They’ve got contingency plans:

Hot take: Let everyone kill each other.


* * *


Great minds …


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