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Doctor says puberty blockers are better than 'going through a puberty that can't be undone'

As Twitchy reported, on Transgender Day of Awareness, the White House sent out some new messaging on the LGBTQIA+ community, including a chart listing “gender-affirming care” for young people and whether that care was reversible. Kids could start wearing different clothes or changing their names at any age, and that’s completely reversible. So, apparently, are puberty blockers … and the chart doesn’t list any side effects, so they must be great.


Earlier this week, Andrew Sullivan asked if a cartoon being considered for fifth-grade sex-ed in New Jersey was appropriate. It was practically a commercial for puberty blockers, and again, no downside! If you noticed the graphic we used for this post, that cheery test tube represents puberty blockers. Adorable, huh? If puberty feels weird to you, why not give them a try?

Jack Turban, who lists his specialty as transgender youth mental health research, had a pretty hot take this week: Puberty blockers, he said, were better than “going through a puberty that can’t be undone.”

Are you kidding? Twitter protects us all from misinformation; call Rachel Levine a m*n and your account gets suspended.




But it’s not survivable; these kids will commit suicide if we don’t provide this gender-affirming care on demand.

The Biden administration told transgender youth that the president “has their backs” and didn’t list any negative side-effects of puberty blockers. Let’s hand them out like candy.



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