Andrew Sullivan has gotten himself in trouble lately by arguing such things as there actually being a gender binary. He’s got a problem with critical queer theory and some of the children’s literature inspired by it: “Before long, as you peruse the material, you see a consistent message being sent to children: that being a boy or a girl has nothing to do with your body; and that you can ‘become’ either, both or ‘something else entirely.'”

We’ve seen how the debate over teaching gender identity in kindergarten classes has gone (you’re either for it or you’re for more suicides by trans kids and mass shootings at gay nightclubs). But what about fifth grade? Here’s a video a New Jersey school district is considering for fifth graders. Having feelings that you were born into the wrong body is totally normal, and if you tell mom and dad (or a teacher or counselor) about it, they can get you on puberty blockers, which you can stop at any time and have no adverse side effects. Look at the cute cartoon!

As we reported, President Biden marked Transgender Day of Awareness by posting a video assuring you he’s got your back, and the White House released a chart of crucial gender-affirming care for people of any age, from a hairstyle for your kindergartener to (government-funded) gender transition surgery for adolescents.

Watch as a girl struggles to name her pet fish, not knowing what gender it is:

It started out OK, but it’s just so damn cheery about puberty blockers and makes them seem like the next natural step after cutting your hair. Haven’t doctors been burned enough by prescribing opioids? What could go wrong?