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TikTok influencer explains why exactly 'parents need to stay the f**k out of classrooms'

As we’ve said several times, we think the onus is on opponents of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill to prove why teachers in kindergarten through third grade need to be leading class discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity. We’ve heard two explanations. The first is that teachers need to create a welcoming environment for trans and non-binary kindergarteners. The second is that if teachers don’t teach tolerance and diversity at that age, the kids might grow up and shoot up a gay nightclub as the Pulse Nightclub shooter did.


Libs of Tik Tok has done it again. We don’t think this woman is a teacher, but she does have some strong opinions about the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law and the idea that it’s the parents’ job to have these discussions with their children when they’re ready. She says she didn’t know s**t about the gay community until she learned about it in public school. And if it’s left up to parents, all of the children will grow up to be homophobic. And apparently, this needs to start in kindergarten before it’s too late and “cisnormative” values become ingrained in them.

Language warning, obviously:


This woman has 50,000 followers on TikTok.


Once again, just like today’s column in the Washington Post about the “Don’t Say Gay” law, she never mentions the kindergarten through third grade part. But again, you have to get to them at that age or they’ll grow up thinking heterosexuality is “normal.”


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