One of the themes that seem to be playing out on Twitter today is a backlash against using the word “groomer” to describe people who want teachers in kindergarten through third-grade classrooms to lead class discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity. We’re hearing from David French that anyone who supported Donald Trump has no moral standing to accuse someone of being a groomer; we’re also hearing from people like Jonathan Chait that it cheapens the meaning of the word and the true victims of grooming. In other words, the people who called conservatives Nazis and fascists and white supremacists for years are getting their feelings hurt.

Jen Psaki has called the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law “horrific” and “hateful.” Actor Mark Ruffalo called it “cruel and traumatizing for children.” So far it seems to be more traumatizing for elementary school teachers. So it hurts teachers who are LGBTQIA+ and think they can’t talk about their personal lives with their students; it hurts kids with two moms or dads who might be picked on by other kids; and it hurts transgender kindergarteners who can’t engage in classroom discussions about their gender identity.

How about that Facebook group for parents of trans and non-binary children who were excited about an Etsy shop that made underpants for “tucking” all the way down to a size 4 toddler?

Hey, we’ve been told to stop using the g-word.