We editors of Twitchy aren’t assigned to “desks”; we don’t have a White House person and a Supreme Court person and a crime person — each of us just grabs whatever we find. That said, this editor is starting to feel like the go-to person for transgender issues. As someone mentioned, same-sex marriage wasn’t even made legal nationwide until 2015, and now it’s 2022, and USA Today’s woman of the year is a biological male. We’ve come a long way pretty quickly, but there doesn’t seem to be any patience for those who aren’t keeping up.

Libs of Tik Tok made of note of these underpants the other day after finding them on a Facebook group for parents of trans and non-binary children. They go all the way down to a size 4 toddler:

Yes, tucking is a thing, and Libs of Tik Tok found a handy instruction sheet from a children’s hospital on tucking, with advice ranging from taping (never use duct tape) to wearing Spanx to inserting your testicles inside your body.

The hospital’s gender clinic adds “a note on the words we use”:

This information uses the words “penis,” “scrotum,” and “testicles.” We know you may not use those terms or identify with them. We use them here to refer to body parts that people with tucking needs have, while understanding those words are not for everyone.

In other words, they’re apologizing for using the word “testicles” in their guide to inserting your testicles inside your body. We need new words, apparently.

It really says that. The “sex-positive” shop is for 18 and over, but it offers before- and after-hours appointments for those younger and in need of gender-affirming clothing items.


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