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Ron Kampeas explains why the 'you called us racist' claim doesn't justify calling people groomers

As Twitchy reported earlier, the memo seems to have gone out — we collected a bunch of takes Tuesday on why the “groomer” slur is despicable and not helpful, and Christina Pushaw was also on the case and put together this collage:


Funny how those were all published on the same day, and also how the liberal (and conservative) media agreed that Tuesday was the day to take a stand against something that had to stop. Enough is enough.

We’re still seeing tweets about it in our timelines; this tweet from the Washington Post’s Philip Bump just crossed our path:

We just did a post on Allie Beth Stuckey taking everything Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi have taught us about racism and white supremacy and applying it to grooming. As Kendi would say, it’s not enough to be not a groomer; you have to be anti-groomer. Ron Kampeas has seen this take and doesn’t believe there’s any equivalence between calling people racists and calling them groomers.


Kampeas, you do realize you’re on Twitter right now? Is today your first time on the site?


Notice Kampeas didn’t use the word “groomer” in his tweet; he used the words “child molester.” Supporters of the Parental Rights in Education law who don’t want kindergarteners thought third-graders taught about sexual orientation and gender identity aren’t accusing the teachers of being child molesters. But that’s how the Left is going to play this … you can’t say “groomer” — it’s homophobic and offensive.


How about listening to the parents who support the law instead of calling them homophobic and transphobic?



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