As this editor wrote yesterday, Tuesday seemed to be the big push (from the Left and Right) against using the term “groomer” to those opposed to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill. David French posted a thread saying that “redefining” grooming in that way was “pure malice.” Jonathan Chait wrote that “groomer” was the “hot new smear” against “everybody who disagrees with the GOP.” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes kicked off his show with the truly despicable “pro-pedophilia slander” that’s become “mainstream” among conservatives. And on Wednesday, David Harsanyi wrote in National Review that the “groomer” accusation is counterproductive.

A few days ago, a non-binary birthing person wrote in HuffPost how she was trying to raise her kids as homosexuals, but they were steeped in “heterosexual grooming” culture. It was satire intending to turn the argument around, but the Left aren’t the only ones who can play that game. Allie Beth Stuckey has taken her cues from Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi and posted a thread today on “groomer fragility.”

Nicely done.

The people who’ve called all conservatives white supremacists are now crying over the “groomer” label. Because it lands.