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Comedian realizes she's white and doesn't need to have an opinion on a black man slapping another black man

We’ve collected a whole lot of hot takes on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards: CNN’s Asha Rangappa, Howard Stern, Rosie O’Donnell, and Steve Schmidt all managed to lay some of the blame on Donald Trump. We’ve heard that white people being upset about the assault “is rooted in anti-Blackness” and also that “black emotions scare white people.” Forbes published a piece asking why jokes are always at the expense of black women (you’ve never heard a joke about a white man, have you?).


Sofie Hagen is a comedian and “fat activist” we’ve never heard of, but she had us preemptively blocked. That’s a shame because we almost missed her hot take: as a white person, she’s realized she should just “shut up and listen.”

She’s also blocked replies, but there are more than 400 quote tweets from which to choose.



We have seen Hagen’s stand-up act, but we wonder if she’s just as edgy and funny as this telling jokes.


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