If you aren’t familiar with Shay Stuart Bouley, all we can say is that you’ve really been missing out. Shay calls herself a “Writer/Raconteur” and “nonprofit extraordinaire.” She’s apparently also the executive director of something called Community Change, which, according to the Twitter bio, “is a non-profit that challenges systemic racism with a special focus on white people,” which is important because you “can’t dismantle white supremacy without dismantling capitalism.”

Aaaaaaaaanyway, given Shay’s firm understanding of how white people think, she’s figured out why so many white people are disturbed by Will Smith slugging Chris Rock over a joke at last night’s Oscars. White people may not be ready to hear it, but they need to hear it:

Get it, white people? Y’all shook because you expect black people to not to commit acts of assault.

That’s really what Shay’s going with. Not what we would’ve gone with, but hey. We’re here to learn, and Shay’s here to teach us!

To think that all this time, we’ve been under the impression that black people are capable of behaving themselves just as well as people of any race. We forgot the rule that we’re supposed to racialize everything and that we’re all supposed to live life according to the rules set by the soft bigotry of low expectations.

It’s incredibly condescending and racist. Because antiracism is incredibly condescending and racist.

It might as well be. It’s the sort of racist garbage that’s right up Nick Fuentes’ alley.

It literally is what white supremacists say.

People who don’t view everything through a racial lens have been under that same impression.

Shay Stuart Bouley apparently wears her own mask to cover up the fact she’d actually be a lot more comfortable wearing a white hood.

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