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Justin 'Emergencies Act' Trudeau says we're seeing countries 'turning towards slightly more authoritarian leaders'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to be concerned about democratic countries turning towards slightly more authoritarian leaders — or is it that the leaders of democratic countries are turning toward authoritarianism? We all just saw the Freedom Convoy protest play out in Ottawa. Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, empowering banks to freeze assets without a court order, which was about keeping Canadian citizens safe. He said that any Parliamentarian who voted against extending the Emergencies Act was essentially saying they didn’t trust the government to make decisions.


Ottawa police told area travelers they’d have to explain themselves at one of 100 checkpoints that had been set up, and Ottawa’s interim police chief said the investigation into the trucker convoy would “go on for months to come.

But yeah, Trudeau is seeing democracies slipping toward authoritarianism.



As far as we know, the woman behind the GoFundMe account that kicked off the Freedom Convoy is spending yet another weekend in jail without bail for “counseling to commit mischief.” Murderers get out on cash bail, but political dissidents?


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