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American Public Health Association corrects Gov. Ron DeSantis on effectiveness of masks, is silent about SOTU

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was “berating” students Wednesday when he told them to take their masks off or to wear one if they wanted to. A search of Twitter shows that most people think DeSantis bullied the students into taking off their masks. We checked the broadcast networks, and according to them, DeSantis “admonished” and “chastised” them. Yes, even with the situation in Ukraine, DeSantis telling students to take off their masks made the evening news:


Now the American Public Health Association has weighed in to correct DeSantis, who said that the masks are just theater.

Has the science evolved again? Because a whole lot of us watched an unmasked, 79-year-old President Joe Biden enter the House, shake hands, even deliver the occasional headbutt, and then give a speech to a chamber full of unmasked lawmakers. Even CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, who previously wanted people locked in their homes to prevent transmission, noted how great it was to see a packed room of mostly unmasked leaders. So if masks work, why didn’t the APHA ask the Capitol not to drop its mask mandate just in time for the State of the Union?




“Thanks to all who continue to follow safety guidance” … but what safety guidance? It changes daily so we want to make sure we’re up to date.


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