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Guardian reporter shames Republicans who didn't show up for moment of silence for 'the police officers who died protecting them on Jan. 6'

Kira Davis made a very good point in a column over at Twitchy sister-site RedState Wednesday. She said conservative media should just ignore all of the January 6 hubbub, just as the mainstream media completely ignores stories it finds inconvenient, like Hunter Biden’s laptop. Don’t give it any oxygen, since it’s all theater anyway.


Obviously, we here at Twitchy didn’t take Davis’ advice, but we kind of wish we had because these takes from the Left are just getting so tired. As Twitchy reported, Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker tweeted about Officer Billy Evans, “who lost his life that day.” That day was April 2, and Evans was run down by a Nation of Islam follower. Speaker Nancy Pelosi also included Evans, along with Brian Sicknick, in her moment of silence on the floor of the House.

Someone’s upset that no Republicans aside from the Cheneys attended Pelosi’s moment of silence “for the police officers who died protecting them on Jan. 6.” That person is Hugo Lowell, a congressional reporter for The Guardian who just happens to be covering the January 6 select committee investigation. Do they have editors or fact-checkers at The Guardian?



So the Republicans are hypocrites for not attending a moment of silence that literally used the dead to score political points on the anniversary of January 6.


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