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FBI Director Christopher Wray tells senators the agency's domestic terrorism caseload has 'exploded' this year

Christopher Wray, who still has a job as the director of the FBI, testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Tuesday that the FBI’s domestic terrorism caseload has “exploded” since last year.


The Hill reports:

Wray noted that the “biggest chunk” of racially and ethnically motivated violent extremism the FBI tracks is now “favoring white supremacy.”

“We collect information about that threat. We have, as you say, prioritized that threat at a national threat priority level,” Wray said.

Wray’s testimony came a year after he testified to the House Homeland Security Committee that racially motivated violent extremism was the main issue pursued within FBI domestic terrorism cases.

It also came as the FBI continues to respond to and investigate the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, an issue Wray noted in his written testimony the FBI perceives as domestic terrorism.

The idea that white supremacists are our greatest domestic security threat is shared by Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Joe Biden.


Good thinking.



The FBI hasn’t exactly been covering itself in glory lately.


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