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Oakland city council president suggests moving the homeless onto a cruise ship

Earlier today, Twitchy reported on Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s plan to help the homeless in his city: a warehouse full of garbage bins for homeless people who need a safe place to store their belongings. “The new Bin site will be filled with community spaces and resources,” he tweeted.


This news follows news that Los Angeles has yet to complete a single building three years after voters approved $1.2 billion in housing for the homeless — and found that it would cost an average of $531,373 to build each apartment.

Oakland is faring about as well with dealing with its homeless problem, and Oakland City Council President Rebecca Kapan has proposed moving about 1,000 homeless people to a cruise ship docked at the port of Oakland.



What about those apartments made out of shipping containers that cost around $35,000 to convert? Las Vegas has some to show off.

And these are the solutions coastal progressives are coming up with.


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