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Racist troll explains how her former friends would do anything for her but give up their whiteness

We’ve done a few posts on Saira Rao, whom we’d almost think is just a really, really clever parody account about wokeness and racism, but no, she’s real, and her threads are things to behold. She recently reminded all white people, even liberals, that they must internalize and accept the fact that Donald Trump is one of them.


She also suggested that Twitter add a “mute all white women” button, and white women seem to be on her mind again and she examines how to get white women to start their own “anti-racism journey.” How? Like she did, naturally.


That’s a shock.

So spin class is the new Klan meeting? OK.


Not to go all “party of science” on Rao, but whiteness is embedded in the DNA, and even if whiteness is inherently toxic, you can’t “eradicate” it. You could pull a Rachel Dolezal and pretend to be black, but your DNA will forever be inextricably linked with toxic whiteness.




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