Remember Saira Rao? She’s the failed Democratic congressional candidate with the pretty blue checkmark who seems to have a one-sided beef with white people:

A couple of weeks have passed since that rather racist tweet, and now that she’s had some time to think about things … she’s actually still quite racist.

Let’s set the stage, if we may. A self-described “Christian, disabled, mixed race, queer woman” who goes by the handle @twitchyspoonie recently posted a warning about the evils of capitalism:

You can read the whole thread if you want, but you should probably know that you’ll lose a few brain cells in the process. Anyway, another tweeter, @R_JaniceOrlando, pointed out to @twitchyspoonie that when push comes to shove, @twitchyspoonie wouldn’t be any better off under socialism. In fact, she’d fare much, much worse:

@twitchyspoonie apparently can’t handle the truth, especially from a lady who happens to be white:

Saira Rao feels her pain:

Hey! That gives Saira an idea:

My, how … inclusive!

Well, at least Saira’s consistent. We’ve gotta give her that.