Twitter blue-check and Indian-American Saira Rao has earned the nickname “Ratio Queen” here at Twitchy, but that hasn’t stopped her from telling her truth. She claims to be a former congressional candidate, but her outreach to white voters seems to have been to inform them that their best black or Latino or Indian friend knows they’re racist but doesn’t tell them, although they do discuss it among themselves.

Progressives must love her, you’re thinking. Maybe not after this week’s tweet, though, in which she reminds ALL white people — even the most avid members of the Resistance — must accept and internalize the fact that they’re the same race as Donald Trump.

You know you’re in for a treat when a tweet starts, “Dear white people,” but it’s even better when it kicks off with, “Dear ALL white people.” And that’s quite a ratio: 1,190 retweets and 15,703 replies and counting.

She’s from that reality show where they get together a bunch of former congressional candidates to live in a house together and see who can tweet the most hateful messages; she’s neck-and-neck with Pam Keith, who claims that all Trump supporters are racist and you can’t both support Trump and follow Jesus.

How is she not an MSNBC contributor yet?