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Rep. Joaquin Castro calls Laura Ingraham a white supremacist, but it doesn't go well for him

By now you’ve certainly heard of the great toilet controversy of 2019; after touring Border Control detention facilities in Texas, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted as though she had witnessed a Border Patrol agent telling a detainee to drink from the toilet if she was thirsty.


The Daily Mail’s David Marosko managed to get Ocasio-Cortez to admit that, as in many holding facilities where space and privacy aren’t exactly the No. 1 priority, the drinking fountains there are mounted on top of the toilets.

Rep. Joaquin Castro managed to post some photos from inside the Clint, Texas facility, and to be perfectly honest, they look better than the photos Breitbart’s Brandon Darby managed to capture back in 2014. In any case, here’s Castro’s video of a shower:


Ingraham obviously struck a nerve with Castro, who went straight for the “racist” accusation.

If Laura Ingraham is a white supremacist, she’s doing a really bad job at it.


Maybe someone should remind Castro that throwing around baseless accusations that people are white supremacists are why the thugs in Antifa feel justified in hospitalizing a gay, Asian-American journalist. They’re just fighting white supremacy, you see, and politicians like Castro help them justify their violence. Never mind; he doesn’t care.


Actually, it’s brother Julián who’s running for president, but we just like to think this tweet was subtly throwing shade at the other Castro’s standing in the polls.


Just for the record, here’s one of Brandon Darby’s photos from 2014, when not one Democrat cared:


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