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Democrat aide who doxxed Republican senators during Brett Kavanaugh hearing gets plea deal

Here’s some icing to go on top of this week’s Jussie Smollett cake. Remember back in September when someone was posting personal information about GOP senators Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, and Mike Lee on Wikipedia while they asked questions during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing?


He even threatened to release the health information and Social Security numbers of senators’ children if the person who caught him in the act told anyone they saw him there.

It turned out that the person doing the doxxing was a 27-year-old Democrat staffer named Jackson Cosko who worked in Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee’s office but broke into the office of his former boss, Sen. Maggie Hassan, to do his dirty work.

So what kind of punishment do you get for unauthorized use of a government computer to post the personal information of senators online? The Daily Wire reports that Cosko has accepted a plea deal.

Ashe Schow reports:

On Tuesday, Cosko and his attorney reached a plea deal with the Washington, D.C. federal prosecutors working on his case, according to The Daily Caller. The deal will be officially signed on April 5. U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan reportedly said at an earlier hearing that Cosko had terabytes of information he had stolen from the Senate, including sensitive data.

“He downloaded more information than was originally understood. There is no combination of conditions that could ensure the safety of the community,” Hogan said, according to the Caller.

The Caller revealed that Cosko was more than a Democrat staffer — he was the son of a well-connected and wealthy family.


Well-connected and wealthy always helps.

You’d think. And how much must he have downloaded illegally to have “terabytes” of stolen Senate information?

Kavanaugh could have been confirmed to the Supreme Court — someone had to do something.


We don’t know yet, but whatever it is, it’s not enough.


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