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MSNBC's Katy Tur wants to know 'what sort of monster' would do this to an innocent … tree

It was back around January 10th that an independent news site called National Parks Traveler reported that vandals had cut down trees at Joshua Tree National Park during the government shutdown when the park wasn’t fully staffed.


That was nearly three weeks ago, but for some reason, MSNBC posted this poignant tweet Tuesday:

Maybe Tur is having trouble keeping up with the news, but today Democrats in the Virginia legislature proposed legislation that would provide third-trimester abortions right up until the moment the baby was delivered — meaning that a mother in labor could demand a full-term abortion.

As Twitchy reported, news that Joshua trees had been cut down had inspired some gun fantasies, but the aborting of full-term babies doesn’t even make the mainstream news. Yeah, trees are nice, but we’re a little bit more worried about what kind of monster would abort a child minutes before delivery. But apparently, that’s just us.


Wow, people are really passionate about trees at least.


If MSNBC has reported on New York’s new abortion law, we haven’t been able to find the tweet.


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