Several news outlets reported Thursday and Friday that vandals were cutting down trees at Joshua Tree National Park to clear paths for off-road vehicles. The news was first reported by an independent news site called National Parks Traveler.

We spend a lot of time on Twitter, obviously, so we’re no strangers to progressives sharing their assassination fantasies. (The New York Times even published a short story about President Trump being assassinated, with the help of the Secret Service, so that fantasy’s been well covered.)

But we’re actually kind of surprised that those who speak for the trees are passionate about it to the point of murder fantasies. Journalist Barbara Ehrenreich kicked things off:

We know damn well Twitter’s not going to get involved here.

That’s the same firearm Vice President Joe Biden recommended everyone buy!

Look, we’re not at all happy that people have been cutting down trees in a state park, but we’re not entertaining fantasies of shooting people either — maybe it’s something people who aren’t familiar with firearms do? (We’ll wait here for Ehrenreich to claim we said she literally threatened to shoot someone and don’t understand context.)

And just for the record, the Joshua tree in the featured image for this post died during a drought … so, climate change.