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So SUVs and meat are altering the entire planet's climate, but this from Trump is 'nonsense'?

We learned a long time ago — like, decades ago, around the time of the alarming warnings of global cooling — that journalists aren’t to be trusted with their takes on climate change, which they filter to us through scientists, who landed a probe on Mars and so must not be wrong about climate change.


Plus, we still have journalists claiming that tsunami warning following an earthquake in Alaska is proof of climate change.

The Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale, for example, informed his followers that President Trump was “talking nonsense as usual’ about climate change when Greta Van Susteren inquired about it.

Nice, solid reporting there.

What’s certainly not nonsense is that China is one of the world’s largest polluters by a large margin, while the U.S. has actually reduced carbon emissions.

But is Dale saying it’s nonsense that polluted air from China could reach the United States? That’s weird, because we’ve been told Americans need to shift to a plant-based diet immediately because the rainforests are being cleared to raise cattle, and those cattle farts are polluting the earth’s atmosphere with methane, altering the climate of the entire planet and probably causing those hurricanes off the eastern seaboard.




But … but Trump was the only leader at the G-20 who didn’t sign on to the totally non-binding Paris Climate Accords, while even China and India signed, so they must be much more serious about cleaning up the environment, right?

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