We’ve seen this argument before in different forms, but the premise is always the same: science is infallible; scientific fact is reached by consensus; and if you don’t subscribe to man-made global warming then you should have no say in anything.

Which is funny, because if you dare say on Twitter that, according to science there are only two genders, you risk being banned for hate speech.

In any case, Blueprint Earth founder and volcanologist Jess Phoenix says you can’t pick and choose which science you choose to acknowledge; you have to accept them all. It’s kind of like because Bill Nye has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, he can therefore present himself as an expert climatologist. It’s science.

Head on over to Phoenix’s timeline if you want her rebuttals to all of these; she’s keeping busy not changing one mind at a time.

Career incentives are certainly worth considering; you’re certainly not going to get invited to all the cool scientist parties if you’re a climate change skeptic.

You know who’s not a climate change skeptic? CNN’s Brian Stelter, who agrees that there’s something sad about people denying anthropogenic climate change while still cheering the InSight probe’s landing on Mars today:

Take that back … President Obama at least invited Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed to the White House’s astronomy night. He believed in science.


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