When the UN speaks, we listen … and when PETA speaks, we really listen:

PETA was actually getting a little bit ahead of itself with that tweet from last weekend. Today, Nov. 1, is officially #WorldVeganDay, and Bloomberg is on it.

Hear that? The government has a responsibility to “steer citizens and consumers” toward a plant-based diet — it’s amazing the things we missed in civics class.

But then there would be 7.3 million more people alive and contributing to climate change.

Funny how that number always changes; now we have 22 years to save the planet from global climate catastrophe. Wasn’t the old conventional wisdom that we had only 10 years?

Oh, and for the record, Fast Company didn’t even wait for #WorldVeganDay to spring its article on why we must stop eating meat immediately:

We’d bet that your average Bloomberg editor eats steak way more often than we do. Or maybe not? Tell us, how many of your editors and reporters have gone vegan?