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Here's another article asking what's wrong with Portland, hub of violent leftist protests

You might remember last summer when Politico Magazine published a lengthy piece on how Portland had become America’s most politically violent city. Not only were there May Day riots — the city even had to cancel its 82nd annual Avenue of Roses parade because Republicans were going to be marching in it, and organizers had received “a threatening email.”


Remember when Antifa thugs chased down an elderly man who refused to comply with their illegal street closing and turned down the street anyway in defiance? That was Portland.

If you don’t remember that, you might remember Twitchy’s report from last week in which journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by a mob while covering the #HimToo rally in Portland. Now he’s written a piece for the Spectator titled, “What’s the matter with Portland?”

Seriously … what is up with Portland? And do the police there have any interest in taking back control of the city from masked fascists?

Ngo writes:

With its impeccably progressive monoculture, Portland is fertile ground for leftist ideologies such as intersectionality and Marxism. Most Portlanders have little to no experience of talking to real conservatives. The ‘#Resistance’ has become a powerful rallying cry for residents who think they are in a cosmic battle. In reality, they are often just targeting their neighbors. Last year the annual East Portland parade was canceled after it received threats of violence for allowing the local Republican group to march at the family event. In August, a leftist man who brought an American flag to a protest was mistaken for a conservative. An antifa mob surrounded him and one bashed him on the head with a metal bat. He laid on the ground in a pool of blood and required stitches for the injury.


There really seems to be no possibility of peaceful assembly in Portland, because Antifa will show up ready to fight.

CNN’s Don Lemon helpfully explained that no organization is perfect, you know.



Antifa members do NOT want to be filmed or their faces shown — that’s been made clear over and over.

Here’s a warning to Ngo to stop what he’s doing:


Hey, Brian Stelter and company … weren’t you supposed to unify against threats against journalists and a free press? You might want to step up and show some support for Ngo.

Hey Portland … you have a problem. Do something about it.


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