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Real journalist alert! Twitter's CEO appears on Sean Hannity's radio show to discuss Republicans' concerns

As Twitchy reported Tuesday night, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posted a thread in which he explained why Twitter had not banned Alex Jones and Infowars on the same day that Jones’ content was removed from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Google, Pinterest, and more. Jones hadn’t been banned because, as Dorsey explained, “he hasn’t violated our rules.”


While conservatives have major issues with Twitter and such things as shadow banning and spurious suspensions for so-called “hate speech” (like calling traitor Chelsea Manning “Bradley”), they seemed to agree with Dorsey on this one, while liberals decided that Twitter just needed new rules, then.

So imagine liberals’ tempers today when news gets out that Dorsey is going to appear on Sean Hannity’s radio program.

Well, Dorsey wasn’t getting any credit from real journalists like NBC News’ Ben Collins:


So … talking to Hannity about concerns over the platform’s apparent political bias “is promoting division, conspiracy, and anger”? Seems to us it’s the exact opposite.

But then again, a lot of journalists were cranky Tuesday night when Dorsey said it would be up to them to refute crazy conspiracy theories floated on the platform by Jones and others — they don’t work for free, you know:

Nope; here’s one (since deleted) tweet from The New York Times’ Kevin Roose:

Which brings us back to Collins’ concern: what is Dorsey trying to do by talking in Hannity instead of real journalists like him?





Excellent question. Like Twitchy reported, CNN’s Oliver Darcy didn’t think the media was getting enough of the credit for Jones’ mass-banning, seeing as they put on the pressure with their reporting.


Hannity’s listeners are the ones most concerned about conservatives being shadow banned on Twitter; maybe if that’s a conspiracy theory, Dorsey would like to debunk it to that audience? Or maybe he’s just a white supremacist, as demonstrated by Twitter painting a huge #Ferguson hashtag in its headquarters during the Black Lives Matter protests.



Or maybe he’s the last man standing in the tech field who thinks he can trust his customers to police content for themselves?

* * *


Here’s a link for those interested:



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