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Be honest now: James Woods asks liberals if they'd like civilian gun ownership banned

We’ll admit it: we’re old enough to remember back in the ’90s when Rosie O’Donnell had her own TV show and said, “Only the police should have guns.”


We’re also old enough to remember (both last October and again just last month) when The New York Times’ “conservative” columnist, Bret Stephens, wrote that the United States should repeal the Second Amendment.

James Woods asked his liberal followers Friday night their thoughts: would they do away with the Second Amendment?


Yep. All liberals want are “common sense gun laws.” As in, they just want to ban AR-15 style “weapons of war” — oh, and a ban on the sale, transfer, and production of semi-automatic rifles and pistols that can hold a detachable magazine.

Only after that’s passed will they push for a ban on revolvers and bolt-action rifles. Oh, wait — Shannon Watts is already trying to stop the sale of .22-caliber bolt-action rifles. But now, libs are cool with civilian gun ownership.

And don’t even get us started on all the hot takes supposedly debunking “a good guy with a gun” after a Broward Co. Sheriff’s deputy took up a position in a stairwell outside the Parkland shooting and never went in the building.


The problem is, Woods received a ton of emphatic “No!” answers — but who’s to say if the people responding are the liberals he asked? We do know screenwriter Rod Lurie is a liberal.

Could we suggest that Lurie get out more? He is in the entertainment business, right? It was less than 5 hours ago that Twitchy ran a piece on an Entertainment Weekly reporter calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment — and here’s Michael Ian Black from … drum roll … yesterday:

And check out this just-released survey:

And as far as Barack Obama …




At least more and more liberals are being honest about what it is they really want, seeing as the best the media can do is keep publishing “think pieces” demonizing the AR-15 and the NRA.



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