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Fake news alert: AP brings out the REALLY big gun, issues correction

Here’s the thing. Reporters make mistakes. We here at Twitchy make mistakes. But when it comes to the mainstream media, they make a lot of mistakes when it comes to reporting on guns.


Politicians, too, make a lot of mistakes when pontificating about common sense gun control, and that’s important — if you’re going to try to pass legislation regulating magazine capacity, it helps to know a magazine from a clip. And don’t get us started on chainsaw bayonet attachments.

Remember earlier today when CNN’s Jim Acosta decided to run with a mass shooting map put together by Vox, not bothering to note the definition of mass shooting used to assemble it? Emily Miller, author of “Emily Gets Her Gun,” noticed.




Very much so.


But wait, it gets better. As Twitchy reported Wednesday night, a Kentucky state representative accused of molestation committed suicide — and according to the Associated Press, he did it with a 40mm pistol.

No, they meant caliber.


That’s a really big pistol. The AP has since updated its story to correct the description of the weapon to .40-caliber.

When are politicians going to pass common sense gun control to get these 40mm pistols off the streets and out of the hands of citizens?

* * *


TFW Charles C.W. Cooke SCHOOLS Jim Acosta for citing Vox stats on ‘mass shootings’

Emily Miller learns from police chief that ‘high capacity magazines’ cause of DC homicide spike


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