The gun control harpies are out in full force today using the anniversary of Sandy Hook to push their agenda. And of course Jim Acosta was front and center pushing said agenda, and hilariously citing Vox.

Because everything is stupid.

So does someone like Acosta tweeting Vox open up some spacetime continuum? Is this a sign of the end of times?

And if you actually read the story you’ll notice that Vox actually UPPED the number of mass shootings since Acosta tweeted … why isn’t CNN covering those 24 mass shootings that happened in the last three hours?


Any minute now, Jim will insist that he’s the REAL news around these here parts.




The jokes do indeed seem to write themselves.


Definitions and facts are super oppressive and a sign of white privilege.

Trying for the media is so 2007.

This is so bad this is an orange.

Ain’t that the truth?


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