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So, is THIS why so many of Rep. John Conyers' staffers have seen him in his underwear?

Things aren’t looking good for Rep. John Conyers, as there have been as many as five accusers who have reportedly come forward, and word is that plenty of people have seen the congressman in his underwear, as they catch him changing clothes in his office.


Wait, what?

That second detail has caught a lot of attention. A former spokesperson for Conyers said what?

So someone defending Conyers is making the point that, of course, his staffers have seen him nearly nude, as he often changes his clothes in the office with the door apparently unlocked. Walking in on him while he was undressed was just part of the job, see?



You’re not going to trust the word of Bob Weiner?







So the guy’s practically naked. Big deal, right?


* * *


So, it’s NOT ‘made up’? Did Dem Rep. Jim Clyburn just turn on John Conyers?

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