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We thought they loved science: Slate, Salon declare pseudoscience behind Google memo 'terrible,' 'flawed'

As Twitchy reported, those who actually read the text of that controversial memo that convinced Google to fire James Damore were surprised to learn just how uncontroversial it was. Despite bogus headlines like CNN’s claiming Damore’s “manifesto” argued that women “aren’t suited for tech jobs,” it turns out that the engineer with a Ph.D. in systems biology from Harvard really was trying to help, or at least he thought he was.


It was no surprise, then, that Damore had to be destroyed in the media as quickly as possible to preserve the preferred media narrative. Gizmodo gave it a shot:

As it turns out, left-learning media outlets weren’t content to stop there and raced to see who could be first to discredit the “pseudoscience” of evolutionary psychology, which posits that men’s and women’s brains are different.

Yes, it was.

Don’t leave out Salon; they have their own take on the pseudoscience behind Damore’s memo.


What? Remember during her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention when Hillary Clinton declared, “I believe in science”? Remember the March for Science in D.C.? How about the civil rights activist who argued that “you’re just wrong” if you’re not a scientist and disagree with a scientist about science?






It’s like claiming the science proving man-made climate change is settled because 97 percent of scientists say it is … which was a number derived from a study, not a survey.


Does Salon fare any better?


* * *


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