We recently did a post on a proposed bill in Florida that would put limits on “gender-affirming care” for minors. The trans community and its allies showed up at a hearing to affirm that if passed, people would die, and it would essentially be committing genocide. We’re well past being manipulated by arguments that minors will die if they don’t get life-saving double mastectomies.

Someone who’s taken a keen interest in minors and the age of consent is California State Sen. Scott Wiener, who today presented evidence that the far-right is trying to incite violence against him or perhaps the whole LGBTQ community.

Because more and more states are banning books and drag queens (no, they aren’t), Wiener decided to celebrate both at the San Francisco Public Library’s “Night of Ideas.” He posted a photo of himself holding up the book “Gender Pioneers.”

Well, the far-right decided to turn that photo into a couple of pretty funny memes, replacing the book titles with “How to Legally Kidnap Children” and “Don’t Tell Mom or Dad.”

The top photo gets cut off, so here it is:


The AP’s fact-check reads, “Among other allowances, it authorizes courts to ‘take temporary jurisdiction’ of a child if they have ‘been unable to obtain gender-affirming health care’.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bill, written by Wiener, into law last September:

All he has to do is cry “far-right” and that the memes are meant to incite violence against him to earn his victim card. No, they’re meant to ridicule you and expose you and your legislative record.


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