Here’s how it went down: The news broke earlier this month that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission was considering a ban on gas stoves, which (allegedly) cause childhood asthma. They immediately tried to walk that back, saying a ban was never on the table and the idea was only “floated” by Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. in an interview with Bloomberg.

Suddenly it became a culture war thing. The Washington Post reported that it was Republicans who had “thrust gas stoves … into the culture wars.” “Morning Joe” mocked Republicans for their “meltdown over gas stoves.” California State Senator Scott Wiener got the last laugh, pulling up a chart showing that gas stoves are a blue state thing; the hicks in the flyover states already use electric stoves.

But again, even though it was Trumka who brought it up, WaPo says it was Republicans who made it a front in the culture wars.

Now the Washington Post is saying pressure is growing to ban natural gas and has experts explain how to swap out your gas-burning stove.

Didn’t we recently hear that New York City was going to ban gas lines to new construction pretty soon?


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